Kamis, 28 Mei 2015

moneysmakersonline Success Guide | Affiliate Marketing Explained In 7 Steps

Affiliate Marketing Explained In 7 Steps - This is a short illustration oh how affiliate marketing works in general.

Step 1: Set Up a Website. In the illustration, a website is used. But you can also use Social Media such as a Facebook Fan Page or Group, YouTube, Twitter, amongst others.

Step 2: Choose a Topic or Niche. (On this Blogspot's case, the niche is make money on Facebook or online business or work at home online.)

Step 3: Add Content

Step 4: Find Offers

Step 5: Add your Affiliate Links or Ads

Step 6: Generate Traffic.

Step 7: Get your Commissions.

Step 8: Extra Step is to Repeat What Works.


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